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Flavor Descriptions of 100% Cane Sugar Premium Snow Cone Syrup

Some Snow Cone Flavors can be hard to describe. What does the flavor taste like? How does the flavor taste? These are questions that we get frequently. Actually, some of our Fruity, Exotic, Tropical and Unique flavors cannot be described as tasting like something that you are familiar with. Some of them just have to be tasted. That is why we offer all of them in 4 ounce bottles for sampling. We have also listed the Top 25 flavors to help you decide. All of the more than 150 flavors are available in Regular Syrup, Diet syrup, Sugar Free Syrup and Concentrate.All of the syrup types are ready to use. However, the concentrate requires mixing. Having said all that, we will describe the taste of each flavor as best we can. Each of the Top 25 best selling or best tasting flavors is marked with an asterisk. Browse this Snow Ball Flavors List to get an idea of what they taste like. All of our products are enhanced because pure cane sugar produces the best tasting shaved ice syrup and other shaved ice deserts.

Almond tastes like sugar coated almonds but much sweeter
Bahama Mama* has an outstanding fruity bahama mama bar drink taste 
Banana* tastes like a shaved ice melt-in-your-mouth banana flavored popsicle 
Banana Cheesecake taste like home-made banana cheesecake
Banana Colada has a pleasant bar drink taste
Banana Cream Pie  tastes like home-made banana cream pie 
Banana Daiquiri has a delicious alcohol bar drink taste
Barbie  has a unique bubblegum taste 
Blackberry  tastes like a ripe blackberry fruit 
Blackberry Daiquiri  tastes like a blackberry daiquiri bar drink 
Black Jack  tastes like fruit flavored bubblegum 
Blueberry tastes like a plump ripe blueberry fruit 
Sour Blueberry tastes like blueberries with a tangy twist  
Blueberry Cheesecake has a cheesy blueberry taste  
Blue Eagle  tastes like bubblegum with a hint of tropical fruit 
Clear Blue Eagle  tastes like bubblegum with a hint of tropical fruit 
Blue Bubblegum tastes and smells like real bubblegum
Sour Blue Bubblegum tastes like blue bubblegum with a tangy twist  
Cherry Bubblegum  tastes like cherry flavored bubblegum 
Clear Bubblegum  bubblegum flavor and smell without the color Clear 
Pink Bubblegum  tastes like bazooka bubblegum
Buttercream  sweet buttery taste 
Butter Pecan tastes like sweet buttered pecans 
Buttered Popcorn tastes and smells like sweet buttered popcorn 
Butterscotch  tastes like butterscotch candy 
Cajun Praline  tastes like cajun praline candy 
Candy Apple tastes like a candy apple 
Caramel  tastes like caremel candy 
Cheesecake  rich cheesecake flavor 
Banana Cheesecake  has a cheesy banana taste 
Blackberry Cheesecake  has a cheesy blackberry taste 
Blueberry Cheesecake  has a cheesy blueberry taste 
Cherry Cheesecake  has a cheesy cherry taste 
Coconut Cheesecake  has a cheesy coconut taste 
Strawberry Cheesecake  has a cheesy strawberry taste 
Black Cherry  tastes like black cherry fruit 
Clear Cherry  cherry flavor without the red color  Clear 
Red Cherry similar to the taste of maraschino cherries 
Sour Red Cherry tastes like red cherry fruit with a tangy twist  
Wild Cherry  tastes like wild cherry fruit 
Cherry Blaster  has a strong cherry taste 
Cherry Cola  tastes like the cherry cola drink 
Cherry Colada  tastes like a cherry colada bar drink 
Cherry Daiquiri  tastes like a cherry daiquiri bar drink 
Cherry Twister  has a tangy cherry taste 
Chocolate  has an authentic chocolate taste 
Chocolate Fudge  tastes like tootsie roll candy 
White Chocolate  tastes like white chocolate candy  White 
Cinnamon  has a sweet cinnamon spice flavor 
Citrus Cooler  tastes like a citrus cooler bar drink 
Citrus Paradise  a delicious blend of citrus fruit 
Blue Coconut  tastes like the tropical coconut 
White Coconut tastes like the tropical coconut  White 
Coffee  tastes and smells like real coffee 
Coke Float  tastes like a dairy coke float 
Cola  tastes like the cola drink 
Cherry Cola  tastes like the cherry cola drink 
Vanilla Cola  tastes like the vanilla cola drink  7
Blue Cotton Candy  tastes like the blue cotton candy you buy at the fair 
Pink Cotton Candy  tastes like the pink cotton candy you buy at the fair 
Red Cotton Candy tastes like the red cotton candy you buy at the fair 
Cream Cheese  tastes like sweet cream cheese  White 
Cream Soda  tastes like the cream soda drink 
Custard tastes like custard pudding
Cherry Custard  tastes like a cherry custard pie 
Egg Custard  tastes like an egg custard pie 
Lemon Custard  tastes like a lemon custard pie 
Daiquiri  tastes like a daiquiri bar drink  Clear 
Dreamsicle  tastes like the dreamsicle ice cream bar 
Dr Snow Cone  tastes like the dr pepper drink 
Flan  tastes like the flan mexican dessert   
Fruit Punch  tastes like the fruit punch drink 
Fuzzy Navel  has a peachy orange taste 
Grape*   tastes like a purple grape 
Sour Grape tastes like a purple grape with a tangy twist  
Clear Grape  grape flavor without the color Clear 
Grape Guzzler  tastes like a grape flavored bar drink 
Clear Grape Guzzler  Same taste as grape guzzler without the grape color  Clear 
Green Apple sweet and tart green apple taste 
Sour Green Apple sour green apple traste  
Blue Hawaiian has a tropical punch taste   
Red Hawaiian  has a tropical punch taste   
Honey Dew Melon  tastes like the honey dew melon fruit   
Hurricane  tastes like the hurricane bar drink    
Ice Cream tastes like vanilla ice cream   
Clear Ice Cream tastes like vanilla ice cream Clear
Chocolate Ice Cream  tastes like chocolate ice cream 
Red Rancher  tastes like jolly rancher candy   
Jungle Juice  tastes like the jungle juice drink   
King Cake  tastes like the mardi gras king cake  
Kiwi  tastes like the kiwi fruit   
Leche  has a spicey latin america vanilla taste   
Lemon  tastes and smells like a very sweet lemon  
Clear Lemon  taste like lemon without the yellow color  Clear 
Sour Lemon tastes like a sweet tangy lemon  
Lemon Lime sweet and tangy lemon lime taste   
Lime  tastes like sweet limes   
Mai Tai  tastes like a mai tai bar drink   
Mango  tastes like the mango fruit   
Sour Mango tastes like trhe mango fruit with a tangy twist  
Mango Margarita tastes like a mixed bar drink   
Margarita  tastes like the margarita bar drink   
Mellow Berry  a mild tasting blend of fruit flavors   
Mocha  chocolate flavored coffee   
Caramel Mocha  tastes like caramel flavored coffee   
Nectar  tastes like the nectar of the honey suckle flower   
Ninja Turtle  a mixture of citrus and other flavors   
Orange  tastes like orange flavored candy   
Orange Delight  has a mild orange flavor   
Orange Spike  has a tangy orange taste   
Passion Fruit  tastes like the passion flower fruit   
Peach tastes like peach flavored candy   
Georgia Peach  has a slightly tangy peach flavor   
Peach Colada  tastes like a peach colada bar drink  
Peach Daiquiri  tastes like a peach daiquiri bar drink   
Peach Margarita  tastes like a mixed bar drink   
Pimp Juice  tangy bar drink taste   
Pina Colada tastes like a pina colada bar drink  Clear 
Pineapple tastes like a sweet pineapple   
Sour Pineapple tastes like a sweet pineapple with a tangy twist  
Pineapple Colada  tastes like a mixed bar drink   
Pineapple Daiquiri  tastes like a pineapple daiquiri bar drink   
Pink Lemonade  refreshing lemonade taste   
Popeye  minty bubblegum taste   
Black Raspberry  tastes like the black raspberry fruit   
Blue Raspberry tastes like the blue raspberry fruit   
Sour Blue Raspberry taste like blue raspberry with a tangy twist  
Red Raspberry  tastes like the red raspberry fruit   
Sour Red Raspberry tastes like the red raspberry fruit with a tangy twist  
Raspberry Daiquiri  tastes like a raspberry daiquiri bar drink   
Red Hot  tastes like the red hot candy   
Red Rancher tastes like jolly rancher  
Red Velvet Cake delicious red velvet cake flavor   
Rock N Roll  a delicious blend of berry fruits   
Root Beer  tastes like the root beer drink   
Old Fashion Root Beer tastes like home-made root beer  
Root Beer Float  tastes like a dairy root beer float   
Shrek  has a berry citrus taste   
Silver Fox  has an almond vanilla taste  Clear 
Spearmint  has a cool and refreshing spearmint taste   
Sponge Bob has a tropical taste   
Strawberry true fresh strawberry fruit taste  
Clear Strawberry  same taste as strawberry without the red coloring  Clear 
Sour Strawberry tastes like the strawberry fruit with a tangy twist  
Strawberry Cheesecake has a cheesy strawberry taste  
Strawberry Colada  has a bar drink taste   
Strawberry Daiquiri  has a daiquiri bar drink taste   
Strawberry Margarita  has a bar drink taste   
Strawberry Shortcake  tastes like a baked strawberry shortcake   
Tamarind  has a latin american fruity taste   
Tiger Blood a delicious blend of mixed fruit   
Tropical Medley a unique and tasty blend of tropical fruits   
Tutti Fruitti a popular blend of fruit mixed fruit   
Vanilla  has a sweet vanilla flavored taste   
French Vanilla  has a rich and creamy vanilla flavor   
Watermelon tastes like the watermelon fruit   
Sour Watermelon tastes like the watermelon fruit with a tangy twist  
Wedding Cake  tastes like the icing on a wedding cake   White 
Wine Cooler  taste like the wine cooler drink   
Yellow Cake Batter  tastes like batter licked from grandma's mixing bowl   

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