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Snow Cone Machines

Well Designed Snow Cone machines Produce Fine Shave Ice

In the past, Snow Cone Machines produced hard crunchy ice which allowed the syrup to flow past the ice to the bottom of the cup. Today almost all Commercial Ice Shavers and some that are designed for home use produce soft fluffy shaved ice that is snow-like in texture and absorbs the syrup when it is poured over the ice. However, some Ice Shavers are easier to operate and perform better than others.  According our experiences and customer feedback, two of the best machines on the market today are Snowie and Hatsuyuki brand.  All of them come with a one year factory warranty.There are home ice shavers such as the Little Snowie that produce fine fluffy ice but they are not designed for heavy or commercial use. They also come with a one year factory warranty. They are perfect for parties and other small small events.
In order to make a good snow cone that will keep people coming back for more you need two things: really good tasting flavors and really fine shaved ice. One will not work without the other. Excellent syrup and an inferior ice shaver is a poor combination. On the other hand, an excellent ice shaver and inferior syrup is a poor combination. If you are in business you might be doomed for failure if you don't have both soft fluffy ice and good tasting syrup. So don't half-step when you choose an ice shaver and syrup flavors. Get a good ice shaver and good tasting syrup. You will be glad you did!

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