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Flower Cups


Flower Cups Increase Snow Cone Sales And Profit

Flower Cups Are Easy To Grip And Make Spills Less Likely

Flower Cups  are very popular and they are perfect for serving Snow Cones and other shaved ice deserts such as Italian Ice and Ice Cream. They are available in either plastic or organic material that is one hundred percent natural and compostable, eco-friendly and biodegradable. Flower Cups are made from PLA (polylactic acid) plastic which is made from a renewable resource of corn, not petroleum and the cups are biodegradable. They are available in various types and sizes. The three sizes available are: small (4 ounces), medium (8 ounces) and large (12 ounces). They are available in 7 different colors. The seven colors available are: red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple and pink. Flower Cups are very attractive and they really can enhance your business or add more life to the party. The flat bottom makes it easy to spoon all of the content from the bottom of the cup. The wide rim prevents drips and spills. Flower Cups have many advantages over cone-shaped paper cups.

According to customers and businesses that use Snow Cone Flower Cups, their sales volume and profit margins have increased dramatically since they started using them. Kids love them because they look like a beautiful brightly colored flower. Adults love them because of their practical functionality. Snow Cones and Shaved Ice desserts served in Shaved Ice Flower Cups command a higher price. Some vendors increase their price by a dollar or more  for snow cones served in Flower Cups Some businesses serve their products exclusively in Flower Cups. Others offer them as an option. If you buy the plastic floer cups for personal use they can be cleaned and reused. Plastic  Snow Cone Flower Cups are much sturdier than cone shaped paper snow cone cups. Unlike paper snow cone cups, they will not degrade or cave-in before you can eat all of the snow cone.

Flower Cups have a sturdy tapered shape which make them easy to grip. They cost a little more but they are worth it. We try to provide a wide array of snow cone and shaved ice products in order to give our customers more choices. Snow Cones are not served in only cone-shaped paper cups anymore. They can be served in a variety of different cup types and shapes including cone-shaped paper cups,cone-shaped plastic cups, foam cups, plastic cups and biodegradable cups. We want to be your one stop shop for snow cone syrup, snow cone supplies and snow cone machines. Browse our full line of Snow Cone and Shaved Ice Flower Cups and other snow cone products. Read more about Flower Cups on our blog. Not only do these cups work well for shaved ice but Italian Ice and Ice Cream can be served in them as well. Any shaved ice dessert can be served in Fower Cups. If your question was: "Where can I buy flower cups?" Well, look no more, Ralph's SnoBall Supply is the answer. We also have: Paper Cone Cups and Foam Cups

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